SLS-logo_no-bgSocrates’ Last Stand was launched in January 2015, and is a unique initiative that gives people the opportunity to question the ways in which they think and engage with each other. This forum provides members of the community with an opportunity to explore deeply and honestly ideas, concepts as well as significant local and global events that we would otherwise take for granted.

Socrates’ Last Stand incorporates storytelling, the performance arts, improvisation, group Dialogue and informal conversations. These and other techniques will be used to spark lively discussions and through them explore ideas and their personal and social implications.

Each session is on a specific concept or theme, upon which there is a facilitated discussion that explores and plays around with the concept -this is where the magic happens! Some of the concepts that we have explored thus far include: freedom, love, authenticity, democracy, ignorance, dissent, reservations (affirmative action), the notion of Europe, nationalism etc.

We, at Meta-Culture, believe that civic participation, dialogue and the freedom to express our thoughts and ideas are the pillars of democracy and a civilized society. Hence our belief that citizens should not only be able to express themselves freely and openly but at the same time be educated and aware of what they are talking about. Through Socrates’ Last Stand, we hope to develop an appreciation of critical thinking, intelligent skepticism, the art of questioning, and honest and creative expression in society.