We live in the age of networking. Everyone is on the social media bandwagon, frenetically “friending” or “liking” each other. One would imagine that the world has woken up to the importance of relationships, and that the dawn of deep and meaningful human engagement has arrived. One would imagine wrong.

Relationships that are shallow and too quickly formed lead to increased misunderstandings, misperceptions, and disputes. Today, given how quickly we can make new connections, few of us have the patience or energy to do the hard work of repairing strained or broken ones. The way we junk our cars if they require maintenance, or discard our clothes when they are torn, we walk away from our relationships when they are strained. This has grave consequences for our own individual selves, our families, communities and societies.

At Meta-Culture we are experienced facilitators, with the professional skills and experience to understand and address the complexities of difficult relationships. That’s what we do – improve thinking, communication and relationships. It’s our business to generate clarity, foster genuine understanding (and possibly empathy), break impasses, address conflict, and facilitate decision-making.

We know it’s difficult to ask an outsider for help. Individuals and organizations hesitate to share personal information, and cringe at the thought of others learning about their troubles. As professionals, we respect such sensitivities. Like medical doctors and lawyers, we are bound by strict standards of client confidentiality.

Can all relationships be improved?
We think so.
Can all conflict be resolved?
Realistically no, not all.
Can all conflict be addressed?
Yes! Not addressing conflict hurts more.

Meta‑Culture makes constructive conversations happen.


Meta‑Culture is dedicated to better thinking, communication and relationships.