Karnataka Inter-Faith Dialogues was a multi-year program of Dialogue and Consensus Building in Karnataka between representatives of the Hindu, Christian and Muslim communities who represented various fields including religion, government, police, business, academia, media and civil society.


The vision of KID was to institute a sustained process with the potential to strengthen relationships between Muslims, Christians and Hindus in Karnataka and contribute to their peaceful co-existence.

To achieve this vision, Meta-Culture attempted to help representatives from both communities to:

  1. Build their capacity to have deep, real, and constructive dialogue with those who have competing perspectives and ideologies;
  2. Achieve a more complex understanding of each other, and build and maintain relationships based on equity, mutual respect and trust;
  3. Seek concrete ways to work together towards productive and respectful inter-community interactions;
  4. Use their personal learning to a) initiate local initiatives within and between their respective constituencies, and b) engage state policy-makers and police in genuine efforts to institutionalize community building among polarized constituencies.


Meta-Culture’s innovative approach to Dialogue and Consensus Building overcomes fear of causing offense, elicits substantive issues and reaches real breakthroughs in relationships and decision-making. Our application of these methodologies in addressing conflicts offers stakeholders a unique opportunity to engage with “the other” in ways that present the possibility of personal and systemic transformation.