logoAhwake with tagline(black)Ah!Wake is Meta-Culture’s most ambitious program to date. It attempts something that is at once optimistic and even Quixotic- personal and philosophic transformation. Through a week long retreat, the program seeks to help participants radically question the ways in which they think and engage with themselves and their societies. It is designed to help address society’s most pressing issues with a sense of urgency, passion, intelligence and innovation. In order to achieve this, we introduce different conceptual frameworks to understand the world at deeper and more complex levels; facilitate an exploration of the ‘self’ in order to understand who we are – individually and as members of families, communities and the planet; create awareness about the complex and subtle ways in which our minds work and can function with the use of critical and creative thinking; enliven interest and awareness about one’s artistic, linguistic, scientific and philosophical sensibilities; and create an environment that encourages and models constructive, deep and meaningful engagement with one’s peers.

Ah!Wake is an experiential workshop – engaging participants with activities, games, role plays, demonstrations and lively and provocative discussions. The really successful participants will dig deep into the material as well as their minds, get their hands and ideas dirty and start the life long process of creating authentic selves that do justice to the extraordinary potential that stays locked in their minds.

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